Regulation & Compliance

Paredes Strategies LLC advises companies on financial regulation, especially as it relates to the SEC, including impacts on compliance, business strategy, governance, and overall risk management, including regulatory and political risk. Areas of focus have included, among many other things, the Federal Reserve Board’s interest in regulating asset management, the Department of Labor’s fiduciary duty proposal to regulate advisers, equity market structure, the JOBS Act, the SEC’s initiatives to reform mutual fund regulation, SEC examinations and inspections, and cybersecurity. These topics illustrate the range of matters Paredes Strategies LLC focuses on for an equally wide range of entities, including banks, broker-dealers, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, exchanges, and even non-financial services firms impacted by regulatory developments at the SEC. 


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Governmental & Regulatory Affairs

Paredes Strategies LLC advises companies and trade associations regarding their governmental and regulatory affairs strategies. This includes, by way of example, assisting clients in understanding current policy and regulatory developments and what may happen going forward in terms of regulatory change, heightened compliance, and potential enforcement actions; assisting in preparing comment letters; developing communications strategies, including in connection with crisis management; and preparing white papers and research reports.


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Corporate Governance

Paredes Strategies LLC provides corporate governance advice as it relates to new regulatory requirements, compliance, and shareholder engagement. Boards and senior management are more focused than ever on how regulation impacts the business – strategy, risk management, reputation/brand, culture, etc. In addition, there are many SEC regulatory developments over the past few years and more on to come that relate to governance and executive compensation. These have included say on pay, proxy access, proxy advisory firms, shareholder proposals, executive compensation clawback, pay ratio, and the universal ballot. Moreover, the SEC and other regulators are increasingly prioritizing governance and “tone at the top” as part of their examination/supervision function and their rulemakings. And perhaps more than ever, companies need to concern themselves with shareholder activism and consider how best to engage with their investors. 


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Enforcement & Litigation

Paredes Strategies LLC provides expert consulting services and serves as a strategic adviser for clients on disputes and internal investigations relating to SEC enforcement actions, Department of Justice prosecutions, and private litigation involving securities regulation and corporate governance. In addition to more traditional litigation and dispute support, this includes advising on settlement strategy and presentations that a potential or actual defendant and counsel will make to the SEC or DOJ in government investigations and actions. This service could be conceived of as a type of “mooting” or “murder boarding” of a settlement offer/presentation (or a Wells submission or pre-Wells submission) before it is actually made to the government.


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